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Work in Drug and Alcohol Rehab

In 2001 I was invited into Rhoserchan Drug and Alcohol Rehab to run a short singing workshop. It was Christmas time and the workshop was intended to raise the morale of the residents and provide a positive diversionary activity.  

Sadly Rhoserchan is no longer open as a treatment centre….however….the workshop went surprisingly well, morale was indeed lifted, and singing became part of the repertoire of activites in Rhoserchan, along with gardening, art and drama.

In 2006 I started work at another Drug rehab, this time in my home town of Swansea.

The Domino project is non-residential and provides group and therapeutic activities for addicts in recovery.

Again, the singing proved very popular.

After a 2 hour workshop the participants feel happy and relaxed, proud of the sound they make together, and, as one participant put it, ’ more connected to the other people in the room’.

In 2012 I joined the organisation CHOIR 4 A CHANGE which promotes and provides singing workshops in a variety of Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres across Wales. If you would like to host one of these workshops in your Rehab Centre, please get in touch.